Weekly NIN up for sale

Weekly NIN up for sale

Weekly NIN will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. According to Beta, the Serbian Privatisation Agency has decided to hold an auction for the weekly, after the deadline for interested buyers to offer bids ended on Friday, April 21. According to unofficial information, there are several interested buyers preparing to square off in the auction.

The monetary value of NIN will be estimated soon, and the auction process could last from in between a couple of months to as long as an entire year.

According to recent experiences with privatisation actions of media groups, various conditions can be implemented for the potential buyers to follow which relate to the activities, investments and social programs.

Information on the official site of the Privatisation Agency states that NIN’s had a total income last year of 91.9 million dinars, expenses of 95 million dinars, and short-term responsibilities worth 8.5 million dinars.

NIN was founded in 1935, has 35 employees, of which 17 possess higher education and expert skills, and its work facilities are 452 cubic metres large and located in Cetinjska Street in Belgrade