Tech Company Celebrates Landmark

Tech Company Celebrates Landmark

Slovenian tech company Instrumentation Technologies on Wednesday, 17 January celebrated the sale of 1,000 Libera electron beam position processors, which makes it a leader in the market for particle accelerator instruments.

The Solkan-based company has recently supplied Liberas, which cost some EUR 10,000 apiece, for particle accelerators in France, Great Britain, Australia, Spain and China.

Director Rok Ursic told the press that the SSFR accelerator in Shanghai would be equipped with 195 Liberas and the ALBA in Barcelona with 165.

According to Ursic, five particle accelerators in Europe, the US and Asia were also mulling installing their products.

In conjunction with The Trieste-based Sinhrotron, the company is already developing the next generation of products to address the needs of hadron accelerators including CERN and GSI.

The company, which employs 20 people, posted a pre-tax profit of EUR 0.4m for last year on sales of EUR 2.34m.

"This company can be a role model, as it builds on know-how, innovation and cooperation," Economy Minister Andrej Vizjak said.

Vizjak said Instrumentation Technologies was evidence that Slovenia is in lockstep with global technological achievements even though applicative science is being neglected