International Fair in Plovdiv

International Fair in Plovdiv

Over 1,200 companies from 38 countries will participate in the 27th International Fair of Consumer Goods and Technologies in Plovdiv from May 7 to 12, Plovdiv Fair's Executive Director Georgi Gergov told a news conference
in BTA Press Club on Tuesday.

A total of 1,135 companies have applied for participation so far, of which 606 Bulgarian, including 325 manufacturers and 281
distributors. Foreign exhibitors stand at 529, including 118 Italian, 92 Turkish and 73 German companies.

Indonesia, Poland and Turkey will have official presentations.
Companies from Poland will participate collectively.

The number of expositions increased 4 per cent year-on-year.
Exhibitors from Turkey, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Indonesia booked the biggest areas. Open areas rented by foreign companies marked a 90 per cent rise, while the covered
increased by 22 per cent year-on-year.

The Spring Fair includes also FOODTECH -
International Exhibition of Food Products and Technologies;
MEBELTECH - International Exhibition of Furniture, Building Materials, Equipment and Technologies; TEXMOD -International Exhibition of Textile, Clothing, Leather Goods,
Equipment and Technologies; COSMETICS -
International Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics; DOMTECH - International Exhibition of Household Appliances and Goods;