Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ statement folowing the Eurozone Summit

Today, the Greek government submitted the Greek proposals, both to the Eurogroup and the Summit of Eurozone leaders, which are a product of yesterday’s Meeting of Political Leaders, as part of our national strategy. The ... More

Main results of the Euro Summit

The leaders of the euro area member states discussed the situation in Greece following the referendum held on 5 July. After the meeting President of the Euro Summit Donald Tusk confirmed that the euro area authorities were ... More

Greece given Sunday deadline for debt deal

European leaders gave debt-stricken Athens a final deadline of Sunday to reach a new bailout deal and avoid crashing out of the euro, after Greek voters rejected international creditors' plans in a weekend referendum. Greek ... More

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ address concerning the referendum to be held on the 5th of July

“ Now is the time for the leading European powers to rise to the occasion and take initiative to definitively end the Greek debt crisis, a crisis affecting other European countries as well, by threatening the very ... More

Eurogroup statement on Greece

Since the 20 February 2015 agreement of the Eurogroup on the extension of the current financial assistance arrangement, intensive negotiations have taken place between the institutions and the Greek authorities to achieve a ... More

Greece Calls Referendum on Bailout Terms

By Marcus Walker And Stelios Bouras Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a surprise referendum for July 5 on the tough economic policies the country's creditors want in exchange for more rescue funding, escalating the ... More

Greek debt crisis: Eurogroup shifting towards ''Plan B''

The Europgroup is now focusing on Plan B over Greece’s default and possible exit from the euro, as Athens has rejected the latest creditors’ proposals and is going for a referendum on the issue. Prime Minister ... More

MHP presents conditions for formation of coalition with the AKP

Turkey's Prime Minister calls on opposition parties to bury the hatchet and discuss coalition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) head Devlet Bahçeli has presented three main conditions for the formation of a coalition ... More

Srebrenica is dividing BiH again

President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said he is going to ask Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting in Saint Petersburg on June 18 for Russia to veto the resolution on Srebrenica in the UN Security ... More

EU releases world tax havens blacklist

The European Union published its first list of international tax havens on Wednesday as part of a crackdown on multinational companies trying to avoid paying tax in the 28-nation bloc. The list of 30 territories includes ... More

Hungary Plans 4-kilometer Fence Along Serbian Border to Fight Refugee Influx

Hungary is set on building a 4-kilometer fence along its border with Serbia in order to counteract the immigrant influx to the country. "We are talking about a stretch of border 175 km (110 miles) long, whose physical closure ... More

Deflation Returned to Bulgaria in May - National Statistical Institute

According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on the index of consumer prices, which were released on Monday, deflation returned to Bulgaria in May. The monthly inflation stood at negative 0.2 % ... More

Sofia intensifies contacts with Skopje

Author: Atanas Tsenov The Bulgarian diplomacy has used the annual meeting of the Central European Initiative /CEI/ that took place in Ohrid to intensify its contacts with Skopje and get better acquainted with the ... More

€8 million EU-IMF Fiscal Reforms Programme will help BiH

The European Commission (EC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have signed a grant agreement for an €8 million (US$8.7 million) capacity development programme on fiscal reforms in Southeastern Europe (SEE). In ... More

Joint statement of the European Commission and B&H on technical Consultations in the field of Internal Market

Rrepresentatives of the European Commission (Commission) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) institutions met in Mostar and held comprehensive technical consultations in the field of internal market and competition. Both sides ... More

Statement of EUD/EUSR on development of an initial Reform Agenda

We share the disappointment already expressed by Commissioner Hahn that yesterday’s Round Table had to be postponed. Although extensive consultations among all levels of government in the country have been undertaken, it ... More

Foreign Direct investments increase by 53% in Q1 2015

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) registered a strong growth in the first quarter of 2015, amounting to over 258 million euros, or up by 53 percent compared to same period of the past year. Central Bank data show that FDI also ... More

IMF delegation arrives to Tirana to review public finances and the macroeconomic situation

An IMF delegation headed by the Chief of the IMF’s Mission for Albania Nadeem Ilahi has arrived to Tirana, in the framework of the Fifth Review of the agreement for the term of three (3) years reached between the IMF and ... More

June 21st elections, CoE sends 24 observers in Albania

24 observers of the Council of Europe will arrive in Albania for the June 21st elections. The mission is led by the Deputy President of the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities at the Council of Europe, Steward Dickson. ... More

Macedonian President Cancels Euronews Interview for Use of FYROM

The Cabinet of the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov asked for an apology from the television house "Euronews" because of the way they addressed the country in a promotion for a set interview. Euronews, which is a part of a ... More