The EU-Balkan Summit

Europe has been preoccupied with financial turmoil due to the global economic crisis and the current sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone. The challenge now lies in how the EU can emerge stronger from the crisis by reinforcing ... More

EP for talks with Serbia in December

Through its work on reforms and engagement in the implementation of the Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, Serbia has deserved to start the EU accession talks in December, reads a draft of the annual report on ... More

Vucic: Serbia teetering on edge of bankruptcy

On Oct. 6, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced salary cuts in the public sector which should save the government from EUR200 million to EUR230 million, adding that pensions would continue to grow at the the ... More

Slovenia warned about banks and structural reform in EU report

The European Commission warned Slovenia about the weakness of its banking sector and the need to introduce structural measures in its annual Competitiveness Report released in Brussels last Wednesday. In terms of the ... More

Greek economy gradually transforming, competititeveness improving, Commission report

The report on the competitiveness of Greek manufacturing sector and enterprises said that an economic adjustment has sought to adjust the imbalances in the economy. Greece has started the process of transformation, from a ... More

PM Samaras: 'Democracy is a lot stronger than its enemies imagine'

It is not a time for domestic fighting or tension and all political differences must be resolved with democratic dialogue rather than violence, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in a brief announcement on television on ... More

Status quo consolidation in Belgrade and Tirana

The almost simultaneous occurrence of the Edi Rama victory in the recent Albanian elections and the announcement of the opening of entry negotiation between Serbia and the E.U. reveals some aspects and more or less immediate ... More

Energy resources to maintain peace in Eastern Mediterranean says Turkish president

Newly found energy resources in the East Mediterranean have the potential to contribute a great deal on the road to maintaining regional peace The newly discovered energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean could ... More

Belgrade –Pristina the end of “dialogue” the beginning of a negotiation

The dialogue on the Kosovo issue has entered a new phase for Serbia while Kosovo authorities enjoy the support of European Institutions. The strategy of the PM Ivica Dacic succeeded to change the way that Kosovo is perceived ... More

the junior ruling Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, declared “great victory” over its bitter political rival, the Democratic Party of Albanians, DPA.

Municipal elections marked a great victory for the ruling party of PM Gruevski but showed how the ethnic questions were revived by ruling policies and endanger the political and social unity of the country. Kicevo and Struga ... More

Germany plays hard on Cyprus jeopardizing European future

The bail-out plan that the Eurogroup imposed on Cyprus launched a new policy. From now on Bank deposits are part of an investment risk that depositors run. The cost of any bank bail-out will also address the clients of the ... More

SNS wins 48.8, SPS 14 percent of vote

Preliminary figures for Serbia’s early parliamentary elections at 10 p.m. Sunday show that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won 48.8 and the coalition gathered around the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) took 14 percent ... More

Bulgaria in Deep Crisis.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov will hand in the resignation of his cabinet at noon. He made the announcement in Parliament. The GERB party will not take part in a caretaker government, Premier Borissov further pointed out. A ... More

Bosnia?s Winter

Unfortunately the winter does not create a favorable symbolism for a popular movement that points to radical change in the politics of Bosnia. The people?s uprising gains rapidly and methodically one town after the other from ... More

World Bank predicts recession in Western Balkans

The economies of the Western Balkans will shrink an average of 0.6 percent this year, the World Bank said on Tuesday, slashing its 2013 forecast and warning of "formidable risks" to growth. The bank had previously seen average ... More

Greek Industrial think tank sees small signs of recovery

The adjusted forecasts presented on Monday in Athens by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), highlighted the view that it is only through growth that the Greek debt can become sustainable . In its ... More

Supervised independence of Kosovo ends International presence remains

At its 16th and last meeting held in Pristina on Monday, the International Steering Group for Kosovo (ISG) reached a decision to end the supervised independence of Kosovo. After deciding on July 2 that the Comprehensive ... More

UN Secretary General in the Western Balkans to avert new violence.

During his tour of the Western Balkans, Ban visited Slovenia and Croatia, and after Montenegro he arrived in Serbia. The visit of UN Secretary in the Western Balkans signifies the combined reality of two divergent evolutions. The ... More

Euro-Terminus? Recent elections in Serbia and Greece show how People are losing faith in Europe

Greece and Serbia are going through internal negotiation to form new governments after not conclusive elections in 6th of May and 17th of June respectively. Similarities end there since in Greece the electoral law giving an ... More

Greek left in need of a State culture

En the last Greek elections anti austerity forces gained a majority of people?s preferences and that delegitimized all other forces that tried to form a government. The opposition to austerity and to the so- called infamous ... More