Turkish TPAO engage in deep sea drilling in Northern Cyprus

Turkey on Thursday started drilling for oil and natural gas in Northern Cyprus. Turkey's state-run oil company, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, or TPAO, launched onshore drilling in search of hydrocarbons at a the ... More


Greece is calling in the beginning of May its first elections since the severe debt crisis broke out in 2009. In times of globalization and systemic risk falling to the entire European economy and beyond, Greek citizen endorse a ... More

Baath v. Brotherhood in Syria.

Syria is turning to another protracted crisis. The divided opposition goes from one conference to another trying to get recognition and concrete aid and the major powers interested in the conflict are reluctant to take any real ... More

Who wins the Serbian elections in May?

The upcoming elections in Serbia mark another turning point in the country?s history. The choice of Europe has already determined the actions of the government and of the main opposition party. However, the European strategy ... More

Tadic is calling for support to SMEs caring for employment, growth and elections

«We need hundreds of thousands of microenterprises» - Serbian President Boris Tadic Sunday encouraged citizens to establish as much family-owned businesses as possible and take responsibility for their livelihoods, pointing ... More

Agreement on the CandiDateAdded status by the European Union.

Following the compromise sealed in the deal concluded between Belgrade and Pristina in which the status of representation of Kosovo in International relations was settled the countries that objected to the Serbian candidature ... More

Serbia multidimensional diplomacy hit the E.U. core reaction

Serbia is deploying a multilevel diplomatic battle to obtain the candiDateAdded status. The meeting of President Tadic with the Slovakian, Croatian and the Czech President was part of that strategy and it seems that it is bearing ... More

Danish Presidency presents its priorities

The priorities of Denmark's Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers are being presented to European Parliament committees by Danish ministers at meetings on 23-26 January. This compilation will be upDateAddedd daily during ... More

The State is responsible for the development of oil products market

Liberalization has contributed to on strengthening competition and development of oil products market in Serbia, said Aleksandar Panfilov, general manager of Lukoil Serbia adding that the state must put a stop on to the ... More

Always at point Zero

As the advisory Opinion given by the Court in 2010 concerning the legality of the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo showed Opinions and Rulings of the Court can not affect the political issues that produce these ... More

Does Serbia long for a candiDateAdded status?

On December 9 European Union summit EU leaders are to decide whether Serbia will be granted the status of EU candiDateAdded. The political elite in Belgrade have invested all its energy for obtaining it but the recent situation ... More

Top banker as new Greek PM

Ironic as it shouldn?t be there was definitely no rush for the new premiership in Greece. Few candiDateAddeds from those presented met the qualifications and those who did posed heavy conditions. Still the coalition parties ... More

European Commission recommends moving onto next stages towards EU entry

European Commission recommends moving onto next stages towards EU ... More

Non-Aligned Summit in Belgrade. A multifaceted diplomacy of Serbia in action.

Neither East nor West the best position is independence. Only in this case you need either to have a salient strategic advantage or a plurality of friends that want to go along with your ideas. The gathering of the Non-Aligned ... More

Regional Economic Prospects EBRD July 2011

Recovery in the EBRD region continues with GDP growth expected to reach 4.8 per cent in 2011 before slightly slowing to 4.4 per cent in 2012. This assumes a relatively benign external environment in which risks from the Eurozone ... More

OSCE PA in Belgrade

The staging of the annual meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Belgrade represents an acknowledgement to Serbia as one of the founding countries which ... More

National unity is a prerequisite for success

Eurogroup Statement The Greek authorities are embarking on a significant and necessary adjustment effort. Ministers recognised the considerable progress achieved by the Greek authorities over the last year, particularly in the ... More

Greek “indignados” shaping a new political scene

Constitution Square in Athens is situated in front of the parliament. Apart the evident symbolism rich in events from Greek history related to the overthrown of Monarchy, the Square participates in a greater domino of protests ... More

Belgrade is wisely regaining power.

Gen. Ratko Mladic arrest shows that the government is determined to go on its European agenda. Reactions that followed Mladic arrest show how difficult for any Serbian administration was to confront deep state institutions ... More