Parallels collide.Serbian politics on Kosovo in view of the ICJ Ruling

Recent turmoil in Northern Kosovo engaged much discussion about progress in the Kosovo issue which lingers from the sinister days of the war in 1999 between Serbia and the big powers of the West. Serbian politics deny ... More

Withdrawal from Bourgas-Alexandroupolis Project and national interests.

Its it hard to believe that PM Borrisov has not been influenced by US pressures against Russian interests in the project but Borissov insists that the population of Bourgas Region is against the project implementation. "We ... More

Bulgaria to mildly adjust through the crisis

The years before the crisis Bulgaria had enjoyed strong GDP growth rates due mainly to massive FDI capital flows and a substantial credit expansion. Rampant growth was, however, followed by macroeconomic imbalances such as a ... More

With a multi billion help from her friends. Greece to avoid bankruptcy

Severe austerity measures rising to a 36 billions cuts in public spending for the three coming years were presented by Greece to its partners in the Eurozone and the representative of the I.M.F. The response was accordingly ... More

Euro in treatment at the IMF

Greek prime minister officially asked today the intervention of a joint E.U.-I.M.F. mecanism in order to affront its debt crisis. The immediate need to borrow more than twenty billions of Euros in the coming months to cope with ... More

Q1 results for Serbia indicates no- exit from crisis.

The crisis severely affected Western Balkan economies in 2009, with estimated negative GDP growth in Croatia (-5.8%), the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (- 0.7%) Serbia (-3%), Montenegro (-5.3%) and Bosnia and Herzegovina ... More

Biofuels contested. Doubts about climate change origins, doubts about its remedies too.

On Monday 8 March 2010, a coalition of environmental groups filed a legal action against the European Commission over its refusal to release documents. The documents contain previously undisclosed information on the negative ... More

NATO: Global reach through cold-war ghosts

NATO legitimacy have been questioned severely in the post cold war era. The war in former Yugoslavia seemed to offer no alternative mission in the future. The perpetuation of the Balkan conflict could have been a temporary ... More

Mixed emotions and results about Microfinance in Bosnia

Microfinance which has created hopes about economic revival in rural areas in Bosnia and provide alternative credit to small but highly motivated entrepreneurs faces harsh criticisism. Microfinance loan portfolios grew at 80 ... More

Turkish diplomacy back for a new round in Bosnia through Belgrade

After the visit of presiden Abdullah Gül, and FM Ahmet Davutoğlu during the summer in Serbia and the greater region, Turkey has shown a regain and very dynamic interest in the Western Balkans affairs. Turkey is ... More

Greek PM.G.Papandreou: Promotes Agenda 2014 in Belgrade

Following a tours in all western Balkan capitals by the undersecretary of foreign affairs Mr. Droutsas, Greek PM and Foreign minister George Papandreou presented its new Balkan initiative for the region. The Agenda 2014 which aim ... More

Overcoming crisis and political obstruction.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha gave a press conference to acquaint the journalists with the results of the first 100 days of second governance manDateAdded. “Today, I present the balance sheet of the first 100 days of ... More

ICJ hearings over the Lawfulness of Kosovo declaration of independence closed.

In a move that had been considered to change the political climate of Kosovo recognition the ICJ legal opinion in the conflict contains nevertheless important risks for the Serbian side. In an interview to Blic the Serbian FM ... More


A few short weeks ago, Europe was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its unification. A symbol of union, the Fall of the Berlin Wall does not however hold the same meaning for all Europeans: the rupture of the Cold War order ... More

Russian President to strengthen ties with Serbia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has granted an interview to the Serbian news media in the run-up to his visit to Belgrade on Tuesday, October 20th. According to the Russian leader, in Serbia he plans to take up a number of ... More

In time of economic crisis the revival of the Serbian arms industry and its export capacity is a fact.

"After quite a long while, Serbia's military production is back on its feet again, with some 20 training aircraft Lasta (Sparrow) due to be supplied to Iraq by mid 2010, This is one of the biggest contracts our military industry ... More

Western Balkans celebrating 2010 visa liberalization regime

Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn starts his visit of four Western Balkan countries. He will be arriving first in Serbia where he will meet with President Boris Tadic, Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and Deputy Prime Ministers ... More

European elections with negative European significance

Electoral Results in most E.U countries had certain common features. A persistent and decisive abstention bloc, the consolidation of the far right vote which is generally interpreted by the masses as a radical vote against crisis ... More