Bulgaria mutual fund assets top 400 mln levs end-'Feb

The assets managed by the local open-end collective investment schemes rose 8% month-on-month to 408 mln levs at the end of February, shows Dnevnik data based on financial reports submitted to the Bulgarian bourse and the ... More

EBRD Funding for local SME’s

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and S-leasing, controlled by Croatian bank Erste & Steiermarkische, have signed a funding agreement worth 10 million euro which will go to small and medium enterprises ... More

Egnatia Leasing signs contracts worth EUR 90 million

Egnatia Leasing IFN, the leasing division of Egnatia Bank signed last year contracts worth EUR 93 million, a triple increase on 2005. The leasing company registered the higher results in November when the company financed EUR 12 ... More

BCR leasing finances EUR 295 million goods

BCR Leasing IFN financed last year some EUR 295 million goods, a 50 percent increase on 2005. According to company data, the total value of the contracts signed in 2006 was of some EUR 355 million. The leasing for equipments ... More

Spanish fund readies 15 mln euro for Bulgaria

GED Eastern Fund II, a venture capital fund incorporated in Spain, will invest 5 to 20 mln euro in Romanian and Bulgarian companies with growth potential and regional expansion ambitions, said GED Capital Development which ... More

Last year 20,000 leasing contracts registered in Serbia

BRegistrar for the registry of financial leasing and security rights over personal property at the Business Registers Agency Tanja Vukotic-Marinkovic said today that in 2006, this agency registered some 20,000 contracts on ... More

HVB Leasing and Unicredit Leasing finances EUR 400 million goods

HVB Leasing and UniCredit Leasing, which merged under UniCredit Leasing Corporation brand have financed last year goods worth some EUR 400 million, leading in the leasing companies top. UniCredit Leasing financed last year goods ... More

KBC acquires Romania's Romstal Leasing

Financial services company KBC Group NV has acquired a controlling interest in Romania's Romstal Leasing for 70 mn euros. Romstal is the largest independent leasing company in Romania, said KBC. As part of the deal, KBC ... More

Number of micro credits rises

The number of citizens and entrepreneurs in Montenegro who are taking credits from the microcredit financial institutions (MFI) is increasing and at the end of September they owed €25.4 million. When compared to August, ... More

Eur 147 million contracts for UniCredit Leasing in 2005

UniCredit Leasing had quantum contracts of eur 147 million last year, an 84 percent increase compared to 2004. The company's net profit was of eur 5.2 million, a 225 increase as well. The total assets were of eur 189.4 million at ... More

Banca Intesa opens leasing firm

Belgrade-based Banca Intesa has set up a leasing company, offering car leasing of up to seven years with an annual effective interest rate of up to 12%. The new firm, Intesa Leasing, will compete with simplified procedures and ... More

EUR 8 Million Contracts For New Kopel

Operational leasing Israeli company New Kopel had some EUR 8 million worth contracts in September, 2005, when they entered the market, for more than 1,000 cars. The company entered the Romanian market by taking over Union ... More

Leasing Market Exceeds EUR 2 Billion In 2005

The leasing contracts local market reached some EUR 2.2 billion last year, an increase of more than 22 percent compared to 2004. Half of the total contracts volume was reported by the members of the Leasing Companies' Association ... More

RCI Leasing Finances 40 Percent of Renault-Nissan Sales In 2005

Last year, RCI Leasing financed 12,129 cars commercialized by Renault-Nissan, representing 38.7 percent of the leasing system sales. The entire amount financed by the company was of EUR 76 million, 30 percent more than the assets ... More

Tiriac Leasing Signs EUR 111.3 Million Worth Contracts In 2005

Tiriac Leasing had EUR 111.3 million in contracts in 2005, 50 percent more than the EUR 75.2 million in the previous year. The 4,000 contracts exceeded by 700 the amount estimated last fall and financed EUR 94.7 million assets. ... More

Investment fund assets at 93 mln levs

The net assets of the nation's 18 open-end investment companies and 11 contractual funds registered and managed by Bulgarian management companies reached 93.712 mln levs at end-Jan. TBI Eurobond leads the market in terms of ... More

HVB Leasing's Financings Exceed EUR 130 Million In 2005

The financings of HVB Leasing exceeded EUR 130 million last year, with some 75 more compared to the EUR 60.7 in 2004. The number of financed contracts exceeds 5,000, with a total acquisition price of EUR 136.2 million (the ... More

Bulgarian leasing firms start reporting biz data to central bank

The domestic leasing companies have forwarded to the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) their first ever batch of performance data covering the period end September 30, 2005, said the Bulgarian Association for Leasing (BAL). The ... More

HVB and UniCredit to forge biggest domestic leasing firm

HVB Leasing Romania and UniCredit Leasing, the leasing units of the German group HVB and of the Italian UniCredito respectively, having total contracts worth around 300 million euros this year, are likely to combine their ... More

Leasing Company AD issues debut bond

The local Leasing Company AD has issued a 2.2 mln euro corporate bond to raise cash for the purchase of assets for leasing. The private placement was lead managed by BenchMark Finance and co-managed by Elana Trading. Leasing ... More