Drought brings energy crisis

The energy sector has turned once again into a threat for the budget and public finances. The difficult drought conditions and the minimal reserves in hydropower plants have put the government in an urgent need for 100 million ... More

Gov't and MOL negotiators discuss exploration and production by INA

Negotiators of the Croatian government and the Hungarian oil company MOL met in Zagreb on Thursday for a third round of talks on the future of the oil company INA, saying afterwards that the talks were marked by a much more ... More

Albania Accused of Blocking Kosovo Energy Project

The Albanian opposition has called on Prime Minister Sali Berisha to explain why the government for nearly a year blocked an electricity interconnection line with Kosovo, amid allegations of undue influence by Serb energy ... More

Greek traders work on deals to replace Iranian oil

Major traders are in talks with Greece to supply crude oil and help the country cut reliance on Iranian oil ahead of a European ban, in a sign that they are happier about Greece's creditworthiness following a second debt ... More

PM Berisha committed to liberal standards in energy market

Prime Minister Sali Berisha said today that the liberalization of the energy market is one of the main directions in the framework of the government efforts in the field of energy. Speaking at the “Electricity Market Design ... More