Eight winners received the honorary statuette Investor of the Year 2006, as follows:

Investor in the healthcare industry - TOKUSHUKAI SOFIA for investing over EUR 100 million in a new multifunctional hospital creating 1,000 jobs Investor in the energy industry - MINI MARICA IZTOK for investing BGN 70 million ... More

Agreement for relocation of waste waters

Agreement for realization of the project "Sewage system for the municipality of Kotor" worth €870 thousand shall help collecting and relocation of waste waters from the bay of Kotor towards outlet Traste on the open sea. ... More

Waste incinerator to be installed in Plovdiv

The Plovdiv municipality, Southern Bulgaria, will organise by late Jan '07 a competitive selection of a contractor to install an incinerator for hospital waste. The facility should be operational by '08. The Swiss government is ... More

Turquality to Market 10 World Brands

Turquality, the world’s first and only state-backed brand program, will support 32 firms from the Turkish industries of white goods, jewelry, food and electronics, apparel and textiles. Speaking at a news conference held ... More

Bulgaria holding co to invest 150 mln euro in Ruse industrial park

Local holding SSU Bulgaria plans to invest 150 mln euro in 2 new plants on the site of the Ruse industrial park, said Yolana Karchinska-Moreno, a partner in the holding company. SSU Bulgaria comprises 24 businesses based in ... More

Podgorica Business investment guide published

A Business Investment Guide of Podgorica has been published in order to reduce the number of obstacles that potential investors are facing. The Guide includes some of elementary and of quite specific information - on industrial ... More

Sabanci Looks to Indonesia After China

After purchasing 99.5 percent of the IQNE Qingdao Nylon Enterprise, previously belonging the American Invista Group, Sabanci Holdings plans to invest in Asia with Kordsa Global, a Sabanci subsidiary. The company signed a ... More

Slovenian Wins EU Cluster Manager Award

The cluster manager award presented by the Europe INNOVA Initiative went to Dusan Busen of Slovenian Automotive Cluster (ACS) for excellence in management and entrepreneurship, ACS said on Wednesday, 29 November. The Europe ... More

Board for Female Entrepreneurship established

The Chamber of Trade of Montenegro (PKCG) has established the Board for Female Entrepreneurship, and its Chairwoman is Slavica Strikovic, the Director of the company Mima from Niksic. Her Deputy shall be Vera Kirovic, Director ... More

Radioactive waste deposit near Cernavoda

A radioactive waste deposit will be built in Stefan Cel Mare village, Saligny locality, Constanta county, near Cernavoda to store waste from the Nuclear Electrical Power Plant. The community hopes to be rewarded by the government ... More

Italian company "Valy" creates opportunity for 1,000 new jobs in Loznica

In the scope of the National Investment Plan (NIP), in Jadar, on rural and urban territory, 23 projects have been approved. These projects will contribute to the economic development and creation of the significant number of new ... More

West must prepare for Chinese, Indian dominance

Former World Bank chief James Wolfensohn warns China is expected to become world economic leader by 2050, when an estimated GDP worth over USD 48,000 bln is forecast. Western nations must prepare for a future dominated by ... More

Roland Berger consultant in Romanian Post privatisation

The Ministry of Communications and IT (MCTI) was allowed by the Executive in the middle of the week to sign the consulting and financial services agreement for the restructuring of the Romanian Post national Company SA in view of ... More

PricewaterhouseCoopers issues investor guide

The company has published its fourth annual guide “Doing Business and Investing in Serbia”. The statement issued by the company says that “Doing Business and Investing in Serbia” guide is intended for ... More

Equest Invest Bulgaria to raise more cash on London mkt

Equest Investments Bulgaria Limited (EIBL), the Irish Stock Exchange listed investment company focused on the Balkan region and primarily Bulgaria, Wednesday announced in a press release its intention also to seek admission of ... More

City of Ruse seeks partner for shopping mall, sports venue

The Ruse municipality, on the Danube, has decided to co-create a joint venture with a private investor that will develop a shopping mall and a sports venue in the city. The municipality will pick the private partner on a ... More

Fairs of SMEs and business services announced

Next Thursday, the eighth Fair of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the third Fair of business services and investments shall take place. It shall be an opportunity for exchange of experiences and establishing of new ... More

Free zone Pirot to get new 28 ha

Thanks to the means from the National Investment Plan in amount of 800,000 EUR, Free zone Pirot will be broadened for another 28 ha of land, which will create space for "Greenfield" investments, that is, construction of new ... More

Bulgaria starts cleaning the Danube oil spill

Disaster Management Minister Emel Etem assured Vidin regional governor Krustyo Spasov that the financial means for the Danube bank cleaning were provided. Bulgaria's Danube region was polluted by an oil spill caused by Serbia's ... More

Business and artists in EXIT - Novi Sad

The big business-cultural happening which will be held on November, 11th, 2006, in Novi Sad is based on the idea to unite culture and commerce, with cooperation of artists and businessmen. A several program stages will be made ... More