Munk finances 150 students from Kotor and Tivat

Munk Educational Center of the University from Toronto shall in cooperation with the Montenegrin University sponsor 150 students from Kotor and Tivat, has been announced today by professor of that educational institution Robert ... More

Monk shall invest in education of Montenegrin students

Businessman Peter Monk shall help exchanges and the projects of the Canadian and Montenegrin students, said professor at the University in Toronto Robert Austin. "Our next project, development of educational program for ... More

Canada co to fit out SEE research network

Canada's Meriton Networks, specialists in Agile Optical Networking, has been selected to supply high-speed optical networking equipment for SEEREN2, the South-East European Research and Education Network, reports news outfit PR ... More

Business Leaders Attend Master Classes Opening in Sofia

Sofia's University of National and World Economy witnessed Thursday the opening of the biggest Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum project Business Master Classes. Business leaders from all sectors gathered along Deputy Minister ... More

Companies offer jobs to students

A Job Fair was held in a Belgrade University aimed at linking students and companies. The goal of “JobFair 06 - Creating Your Future” is to encourage students to stay in Serbia and seek employment after they ... More

Bulgaria Proposes to Set up Balkan Training Center

Bulgarian labour and social policy minister has proposed that the country becomes host to a Balkan stationary centre for training and retraining. The Balkan countries will assume the helm of the center on a rotation ... More

Faculty of Economy opens a department in Italy

The Faculty of Economy in Podgorica shall open a department in the Italian city of Brindisi and thus become the first university unit in the history of Montenegrin education that shall have its affiliation abroad. The Dean of ... More

First certified Education Center of Gas Economy in SEE

The first Education Center for Gas Economy in South East Europe will be opened at the Research-Development Center for Gas Technology (IGT) in Sarajevo on October 25. The ceremony of presenting the relevant certificate to the ... More

University Chancellors of SE Europe Meet in Ljubljana

Delivering the opening address at the conference of university chancellors of SE Europe on Friday, Ljubljana University Chancellor Andreja Kocijancic said that the event will try to strengthen the ties between the countries of ... More

Italian private university to open branch in Albania

The private Albanian Wisdom University and Romés San Pio V have made a deal. The private Italian university will have a "virtual" branch in Albania: Albanian students will be able to take classes online, and obtain an ... More

Europe’s ageing workforce

In 2009, workers in the 55-64 age group will outnumber those in the 15-24 age group for the first time. The figure was revealed by the European Centre for Development of Vocational Training, Cedefop, ahead of a conference on ... More

Confucius Institute opened in Belgrade

After discussing economic relations, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ivana Dulić-Marković and State Councillor Tang Jiaxuan turned their attention to cultural relations between the two countries. Together they opened the ... More

50 mln euro EIB loan for education

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted Turkey a 50 million euro loan to improve school infrastructures. According to a statement releasing today by the Turkish Treasury Under-secretariat, Ankara and EIB signed an ... More

Italian language teaching agreement with Albania

Italian ambassador to Tirana Attilio Massimo Ianucci and Albanian Education Minister Genc Pollo reached an agreement to increase the number of Albanian students studying Italian as a first foreign language by 10 percent by 2010. ... More

INTEL to train 500,000 teachers to boost education

American computer giant Intel will train 500,000 Turkish teachers how to use computers at schools within the framework of a program called "Intel Teach to the Future" in a worldwide effort to help teachers integrate technology ... More

New tourism school in Montenegro

Representatives of the company Imobilia from Budva and Swiss Business School for Tourism and Catering have signed today the Protocol on Cooperation, according to which that educational institution would start its work in ... More

Agreement between Chamber of Belgrade and Megatrend University

President of Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, Milan Janković, and rector of the Megatrend University, Mića Jovanović, signed the agreement on technical cooperation between the Chamber and the University. The ... More

US University in BiH promoted in Tuzla

In Tuzla the US University in BiH has been promoted. The university in cooperation with one of the leading US Universities- the State University of New York was established in December last year as the first private higher ... More

Access to electronic scientific database "Scopus" presented

All state faculties, the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts and university library "Kliment Ohridski" will be given access to the largest world electronic scientific database "Scopus" starting from 2006, following the ... More

Ontotext joins 4.2 mln euro EU project

Ontotext Lab, a Sirma Group laboratory for scientific research and development of technologies for knowledge processing and representation and linguistics, has joined a 4.2 mln euro project of the European Commission. The ... More