Agriculture to receive EU funds only by the end of 2007

The first post-accession European funds for agriculture and rural development may become available in Romania by the end of 2007 or even during early 2008, according to those declared by Minister of Agriculture, Dan Motreanu ... More

Industrial zone "Šepak" in Loznica to be ready for investors prior to September 2007

Municipality of Loznica announced that the organization of INdustrial zone "Šepak", in which 1.3m EUR from the National INvestment Plan (NIP) would be invested, would be completed prior to September 2007. In 2007, the ... More

Croatia's food industry challenges

In EU countries, most of the food bought by consumers comes from domestic markets. The countries generally import only those food items that are hard to produce at home. Croatia, by contrast, imports most of its food from ... More

Domestic meat processing units in line with EU norms could sell products on European market

The meat processing units which comply with the European norms and which process raw material in line with EU standards could sell their products on the European market, after January 1, 2007, the Romanian Ministry of ... More

Sunoko invests in Serbia sugar factories

Sunoko will invest 13 million euros in the four sugar factories it owns in Serbia. Sunoko was founded in June 2005. Its majority owner is the German Nordcuker company while MK Komerc owns 49 percent of its capital. For its ... More

Tender for the sale of PIK Bečej

The Privatization Agency has announced the tender for the sale of 40.9 percent of PIK Bečej’s capital. The nominal value of a company share is 8,000 dinars. Interested buyers can submit a demand until January 19 ... More

Bulgarian-Portuguese co to build abattoir in Romania

Belsuin, a Bulgarian-Portuguese joint venture, said it has picked Romanian city Mangalia for the construction of a 0.9 mln euro slaughterhouse. Initially, the company planned to implement the project in the Bulgarian village of ... More

Turkey casts EU net with move to label fish products

It hasn't entered the European Union yet, but Turkey is doing its darndest to impress, with the country's Agriculture Ministry leading the way. The Ministry will put new marketing standards on fishery products within the context ... More

Turkey and Italy to develop new types of grapes

Turkish Taris Grape Union and Apofruit, one of the biggest Italian agricultural cooperative, have established a partnership to develop new types of fresh grapes and market these grapes worldwide. The grapes will be consumed by ... More

Bulgaria farmland funds to amass 0.1 mln ha '07

The local special purpose vehicles investing in agricultural land told Dnevnik they expect to have 0.1 mln ha in their combined portfolio by the end of 2007. The SPVs that have accumulated the biggest spreads are Elana ... More

Loulis Romania sees 6 percent increase in turnover

Loulis Romania, the subsidiary of the Greek group Loulis, registered in the first nine of months a turnover of RON 111 million, a 6 percent increase on the similar period of 2005 while the company’s losses have reduced to ... More

EU advises Romania to reduce number of fishing organisations

The European Union recommends that Romania should reduce the number of producer organisations in fisheries and aquaculture from 73 to five, and to establish a fish exchange in Tulcea, the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency ... More

EU to allocate some 200 million euros for fisheries till 2011

Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur has recently said that Romania may produce an annual 20,000 tonnes of fish, with the total consumption reaching 70,000 tonnes.The Romanian fisheries sector is to get around 200 million euros ... More

Football magnat to breed pigs in Romania..

A group of Spanish investors, among whom the president of the Football Club Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon Ramos, want to invest over EUR 100 M in a complex pig-breeding system. Rupork, the Spanish company whose shareholder is the ... More

Concession on forests to producers

The Forest Administration of Montenegro should give concessions on forests to production companies, not to trade companies, in order to stop the resale and export of raw material, the Board of Association of Forestry, Wood, Paper ... More

Preparation of Bulgarian Agriculture for EU Membership

In its latest monitoring report on Bulgaria, the European Commission acknowledged the progress Bulgarian agriculture has made in some critical areas that had previously threatened to torpedo the accession process. The report ... More

Sugar refinery to be built in Brcko

In the vicinity of Brcko, construction of a sugar refinery has begun, with an investment of 30 million euros It is a joint investment of Austrian company Agrana Group and local private company Studen. The new sugar refinery ... More

Slovenian Govt relies on agriculture development

Franc But, Sloveniàs State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, relies on the development of the agriculture sector within the European Union and the trade relations with Italy through the realisation of ... More

Significant progress in agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture will allot from its budget in 2007-2008 RON 1.3 bln for the financing of several hundred projects which no longer benefited from SAPARD funds. Eight border veterinary inspection points will be ... More

Greece to spend 17.3 mln euros to promote quality farm goods

The Greek government today earmarked 17.3 million euros for the promotion of quality farm products under a Third Community Support Framework programme for the period 2000-2006. The programme, reports ANA-MPA news agency, aims to ... More