Greeks in hot race for Bulgarian, Romanian property

Northern Greek investors' appetite for property has led them to hunt for bargains in Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Greeks show the most insatiable appetite for real estate properties in the three countries and even hold the ... More

Land prices for real estate developments triples in Romania

Prices for land for real estate developments have tripled in Romania over the past three years, show data in a recent report drawn up by the SGA Real Estate Consultancy Institute. The report mentions that the surge in these ... More

Bulgaria’s popularity with property investors soars

Property investors have once again been alerted to the Bulgarian market with new figures revealing that there was a steep incline in the country's marketability in 2005. With the prospect of the Winter Olympics arriving in ... More

Equest Balkan fund raises 140 mln pounds for investment in Bulgaria

Equest Balkan Properties, a property investment company focusing on commercial property in Eastern Europe, primarily in Bulgaria and Romania, has successfully completed a placing with institutional investors which will raise 140 ... More

Delta builds in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Fyrom, BiH and Albania

Dejan Racić from Delta holding announced that that company would enter real estates market. Delta plans construction of trade and business centres in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, as well as in the region, Fyrom, BiH and ... More

Building for the future

New market trends, European standards, bank support and environmental protection issues - these were among topics discussed at last week's annual national real estate and construction conference hosted by BBW. Entitled 'Home ... More

Greek companies turn to Bulgarian real estate

Widely represented in Bulgaria, Greek business has been turning to the real estate sector lately, realising the potential for investment in this field in the country. Bulgarian Internet service provider Bitex, owned by ... More

Maltese realtor to market Bulgarian properties abroad

Maltese real estate agency Dhalia is vetting the Bulgarian market and building up a database of properties for sale, company executives said at a presentation held in Sofia. The exclusive focus of the company's business in ... More

Prices for villa complexes are decreasing

Developers of villa complexes adjusted to the demand and started to sell housing units for prices accessible to a wider customer category, after the first such products addressed high-income customers, officials for ESOP real ... More

'Dubai Towers will Offer Relief to the Sector'

Is Real Estate Investment Partnership JSC (Is GYO) General Director Turgay Tanes, evaluating the Dubai International Properties’ real estate investment worth $5 billion in partnership with the Istanbul Metropolitan ... More

BSR and Steinmetz team up in Bucharest

BSR Europe and diamond merchants Benjamin Steinmetz are furthering their collaboration, having jointly bought land in Romania and Bulgaria. In one transaction they bought a 35,000-sqm plot in Romania, zoned for 1,500 housing ... More

RE/MAX Bulgaria purchased

RE/MAX Bulgaria has been purchased by George Petrov and Ilyan Nikolov, and becomes the 58th country for franchising of the global real estate network. Both are natives of Bulgaria and will serve as co-regional directors of the ... More

120 m euros israeli investment in real estate sector

Israeli Construction Company BSR Engineering & Development and an Israeli businessman will invest EUR 136 M in the development of several residential projects in Romania and Bulgaria, the electronic issue of the Globes reports. ... More

Beginning of congress on reform of land system

The First International Congress “Qualified experts for ensuring ownership of land” commenced on Wednesday with participation of over 380 participants from the country and the region. Aim of the three-day ... More

Interest in Bulgarian real estate continues

September saw many signs of a continuing increase in interest in real estate in Bulgaria. On September 20, it was announced that Formula One team owner Eddie Jordan planned to invest in the construction of residential estates, a ... More

Bulgaria's Legal System "Uncertain" on Property Rights

The Bulgarian legal system may not afford the same level of certainty in relation to issues such as title to property-related rights as may be achieved in more developed markets. Heavyweight directors have persuaded investors ... More

Black Sea's Burgas leads housing market boom

The city of Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, has outpaced Sofia and Varna in the number of construction permits issued in the third quarter of 2005, according to an economic research. Cumulatively Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and ... More

Certinvest to Launch Mutual Fund for Real Estate Projects

Certinvest will launch a mutual fund for real estate investments, aimed for new small and medium-sized residential projects, the company's manager, Eugen Voicu said. "The value of fund units will be EUR 1,000 while the ... More

Sofia High-End Property Market Ranges EUR 850 - 1,400/m2

Prices of residential apartments in the high-end niche have stabilized between EUR 850 - 1,400/m2 in the first half of 2005, depending on location, garden, accessibility, infrastructure, quality of construction and architecture, ... More