Serbian Diaspora at Council of Europe’s portal

State Secretary for the Diaspora Miodrag Jaksic met today with project manager Madelena Grossman in charge of Council of Europe’s Diaspora Hub project and PR Director of New Moment agency Anita Todorovic. The project is ... More

Bulgarian, Greek Municipalities to Create Common Website for Their Business Communities

Bulgarian and Green municipalities will build a common Website that will cater to the needs of their business communities. The site will be bilingual and will be created under a Phare-funded project for creating an Internet ... More

Bulgaria Internet users up 4% in '07

The share of Internet users among Bulgarians aged over 15 increased 4% to 27.4% in 2007, shows data of marketing research company GfK Bulgaria. The survey, commissioned by media company, aimed to gauge the ... More

Half of Croatians use internet for money management

The analysis by the Croatian Banking Association (HUB) shows that over 50 percent of Croatians use the internet as a tool in personal finance management. The list of sources that help them with financial issues also includes ... More

Bulgaria Internet ad spending up to 12 mln levs in '07

The Bulgarian Internet ad market rose 60% year-on-year to reach a net volume of 12 mln levs in 2007, shows data from local Internet company The company has forecast 18 mln levs in net online advertising revenues ... More

Online publicity to grow 50 pc in 2008

The Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) group from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu disclosed the predictions for the media sector in 2008, according to a press release remitted yesterday. “The directions towards which ... More

Almost half of the Slovenian Internet users does the e-shopping

Internet users in Slovenia most commonly do the shopping in Slovenian web shops where they spend more than EUR 700 per shopping, according to the Iprom and Valicon survey. 13 percent of respondents does the e-shopping every day, ... More

Mobile payment system to be introduced in Buglaria

System for Electronic Payments (SEP Bulgaria) had been licensed by Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) to operate as a payment system operator, using "mobile payment," a BNB media statement said on November 22. The mobile payment ... More

Electronic one-stop shop for administrative services

The Bulgarian state administration is finally about to adopt an electronic one-stop-shop approach to local businesses after taking six years to fully develop the project that will reduce the time needed to obtain various permits ... More

Bulgaria's first e-invoicing portal officially unveiled

Local company Bankservice Tue officially unveiled, the nation's first online e-invoicing portal. The service has been on the market for three months and the portal already processes 10,000 invoices per month. The ... More opens 37 new offices, service of the Croatian government for faster communication of citizens and entrepreneurs with public administration bodies, opened on Monday 37 new offices throughout Croatia. New offices were opened in Fina's ... More

Neogen invests 100,000 euros in outdoor advertising

Neogen, the company which holds the most visited Internet portal of Romania, invested about 100,000 euros in an outdoor branding campaign. At the same time, Neogen changed the design of the main web page in order to emphasize the ... More

Telco Buys Top Search Engine

Telco Telekom Slovenije has acquired a 75% share in the company behind Slovenia's leading internet search engine, The company paid EUR 8.55m for the majority stake in Interseek, the company announced in Wednesday's ... More

First Romanian dotcom millionaires

The first Romanian dotcom millionaires are Liviu Dumitrascu (30) and Daniel Tatar (29), the two young people who, eight years ago, founded, currently Romania's largest online recruitment website.Liviu Dumitrascu and ... More

Banca intesa introduces Blue American Express

Banca Intesa Serbia has introduced "Blue American Express" revolving credit card fit for online payments. Blue American Express revolving credit card will enable clients make purchases and pay their bills over the ... More

PayPal expands to Bulgaria market

PayPal announced on May 10 that customers in 87 new markets - including Bulgaria, can send money online with PayPal. In addition, customers using will now be able to view the site in Spanish, French and simplified ... More

Ekapija and Association of Czech Businessmen help you find business partner

Investment portal "Ekapija" and the Association of Czech Businessmen in Serbia have started a joint project. The aim of the project is to help local companies and businessmen find business partners, export products and services ... More

Portal for the promotion of Romanian export

The Ministry of Economy and Trade (MEC) will have a portal with foreign trade information which will include data furnished by the 130 commercial attaches of the Ministry, and other foreign institutions from this domain, decided ... More

Serbian with 200,000 Internet users prior to end of 2007

- Although there are only 20,000 ADSL Internet users in Serbia, their number will, thanks to the large investment project of "Telekom Srbije", reach the amount of 200,000 by the end of year 2007 - said the Executive Manager for ... More

Games Remain Top Query at Search Engine

The query "games" topped the list of most popular requests at the Slovenian search engine in 2006. It was typed into the search window over 1.7 million times, the largest Slovenian search engine said in Ljubljana on ... More