Bulgarian firms renew interest in investment loans

Bulgarian companies have rekindled their interest in investment funding, non-banking financial institution Creditex said. Over the last two months, requests for corporate mortgage loans for investment purposes have soared more ... More

Bulgarian state to boost share in BSE

The Bulgarian state is considering increasing its share in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) from the current 44% to 50% plus 1 share, becoming majority holder, and list the operator, the company’s management told a press ... More

Share of foreigners in Istanbul Stock Exchange

Share of foreign investors in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) went up to 66.16%, as Anatolia news agency reports. Central Registry Institution figures revealed that as of June 25, foreign investors owned 52.56% of the shares ... More

Bulgaria’s listed firms survive, slowly get back on track

Bulgaria’s listed companies were heavily hammered by the world recession but have been flexible and took in the blows and are slowly beginning to recover. This is the main conclusion from the fourth Dnevnik 100 ranking ... More

InterCapital REIT to be listed in Warsaw S.E. by mid-2010

Real estate investment trust (REIT) InterCapital Property Development is on track to become the first Bulgarian company to list in Poland after series of failed attempts by other aspirants. A portion of the shares issued ... More

Foreign investors raised participation in ASE

Foreign investors raised their participation in the Greek stock market's capitalisation to 50.3 pct in March, from 49 pct in February, official figures showed on Monday. Net capital inflows by foreign investors totaled 95.91 ... More

Germans and Austrians – most interested in Romanian Eurobonds

The German and Austrian funds and investors have bought 30.8 per cent of the Romanian Eurobonds issued last week on the external capital market, Bogdan Dragoi, secretary of state within the Public Finances Ministry, stated during ... More

Mutual funds switch to more aggressive strategy

The solid stock market rebound readjusted the strategies of investors with longer money such as mutual funds, which shifted back to aggressive strategies after for months parking resources in deposits and cash. In a sign that ... More

Collaboration discussed between BH and Turkish capital markets

Representatives of the Turkish Securities Commission and the Istanbul Stock Exchange were in visit to BH’s stock market bodies several days ago, discussing potential cooperation. Members of the Turkish delegation said ... More

A bad situation on the FYRMacedonian stock exchange

Is this what is happening on the FYRMacedonian stock exchange a reflection of what is happening to the FYRMacedonian econom, FYRMacedonian media wander. If we look at the information on the stock market the forecasts are quite ... More

Foreign investors' share in ASE at 48.02% in Jan

Foreign investors' participation in the capitalisation of the Athens Stock Exchange was slightly higher in January, reaching 48.02 pct, from 47.8 pct in December, official figures showed on Monday. A report by the ASE showed ... More

SOFIX Blue chips drop sharply

SOFIX, the benchmark index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange was 3.07% down to 300 points on Monday, its lowest level since July 2003. Elana Trading broker Nikolai Kichukov said the downturn was most likely due to new ... More

Eight offers for Proprietatea Fund

Eight tenders have been submitted for selection by the administrator of the Proprietatea Fund, Agerpres reports. They were tendered by AVIVA Global Services, BlackRock, Credit Suisse & OTP, FINAG Holding Gmbh, Franklin Templeton ... More

Pioneer changes structure to cut costs

Pioneer, the biggest family of mutual funds operating in Bulgaria, will streamline operations at its sub-funds, the financial regulator said in a statement. Yavor Achev, country manager of Luxembourg-based Pioneer ... More

BLSE and SASE creating joint index

With the support of the World Bank, the stock exchanges in Banja Luka and Sarajevo will be implementing a project in the following months that will result in their first common stock index. The project is supported by the ... More

Unipharm, Euroins vote capital increases

The shareholders of Bulgaria’s listed drug maker Unipharm and insurance company Euroins approved capital increases at general meetings held last week. Unipharm will tap on own funds to raise its capital to BGN 1 million ... More

Morgan Stanley to leave BVB

Morgan Stanley decided to sell the shares it owned at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) a month before the shareholders would discuss the listing of the stock exchange, the Money Channel TV announces. For approximately 2.7 per ... More

Capital market to seek joint action against bourse crash

Bulgarian stock market stakeholders will gather at a round table to map out measures to cushion the crisis and appease investors. The investment community, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the Financial Supervision Commission ... More

Bulgaria Stock Exchange Falls Below 100 Points

As reported by Dnevnik the indexes on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange continued to tumble down on Tuesday and lost their 2-digit values. The indexes on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange continued to tumble down on Tuesday and lost their ... More

Bulgarian stock market key index drops under 400 points

The Sofix index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), which tracks the performance of the ten most liquid stocks on the market, dropped under the 400-points mark on November 14 2008, its lowest value since September ... More