Violence reshaping Turkey’s economic profile

In the aftermath of the serial bombings in Turkey during the last period investors need to assess the country’s trajectory on economic development and political stability. Does Turkey still benefits the blooming economic ... More

Establishment of Western Balkans Fund

Based on the model of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF), and in the framework of the Annual Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Visegrad countries and of Western Balkans countries, an Agreement on Establishment of ... More

Fosun’s investigation-Virtues and vices of China’s anti-corruption campaign.

An assessment of the three year anti-corruption campaign launched by President Xi is yet premature. The policy was criticized at the beginning as representing a way for the new ruler to clear figures and centers of contending ... More

Terms of EU-Turkey migrant crisis deal (EU-Turkey statement)

A deal between the EU and Turkey agreed in Brussels on Sunday offers cash and political concessions to Ankara in return for its help on the migration crisis. Here are the key points of the deal from the conclusions of the ... More

37 Bosniak Leaders sign the Joint Statement condemning Terrorism and violent Extremism

Thirty seven Bosniak leaders agreed on and signed the final version of the Joint Statement condemning terrorism and violent extremism. As they pointed out, this statement is a reflection of their feeling of responsibility ... More

China, CEE countries to accelerate win-win cooperation

The fourth summit of leaders from China and Central and Eastern European countries has just concluded in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou. Leaders from China and 16 CEE countries have discussed ways of further enhancing ... More

Brdo-Brijuni Process summit: Regional leaders urge common solutions to fight extremism, terrorism

The leaders of the Brdo-Brijuni Process urged common solutions to fight the root causes of extremism and terrorism in a joint statement adopted at a summit in Zagreb. They agreed to conduct regular dialogue at the operational ... More

PABSEC countries reaffirm commitment to fight terror, Islamic State militants

In a declaration adopted in Bucharest on Friday, the member states of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation (PABSEC) condemn international acts of terror and all their manifestations and ... More

China-CEE summit sets work plan

The Fourth Summit of China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries was held in Suzhou on Nov 24-25. Premier Li Keqiang and leaders from 16 CEE countries formulated a 5-year blueprint for cooperation in areas such as ... More

Tax avoidance of global players would not assure long term gains.

Other than the cases of big American ITC companies accused of tax avoidance in Europe a comparable case has been criticized in the U.S. with the merger of two pharmaceutical companies. The announcement of Pfizer $160bn merger ... More

G 20 No deal on Syria shows no will to end with terrorism

Terrorism was always associated to power. Either as a counter reaction to state oppression and unbearable exploitation or as a state illegal oppression of popular resistance to state atrocities. Yet Terrorism is pure violence ... More

Kosovo fails in bid to gain UNESCO membership

At Monday's plenary session of the UNESCO General Conference, Kosovo was not admitted to the organization after it failed to win the necessary two-third majority vote. Out of 142 votes, 92 were in favor of Kosovo's UNESCO ... More

China - U.S. at a Greats Powers stand-off on the Western Pacifique

The challenges in western pacific with the U.S. navy and the maritime delimitation’s issues with Japan has shown the determination of China’s politician as to their defense of territorial sovereignty and national ... More

Regulation on trading frauds causes

In an article by Gregory Meyer and Lindsay Whipp at FT the conviction for spoofing in the Futures market is extensively referenced and the comparison with the libor scandal is made in terms that show how the state is beginning to ... More

European Commission members in defense of Uber and AirBNB as Sharing Economy companies

Two European commissioners on Wednesday came to the defense of Uber and other “sharing economy” companies, casting their foes as counterproductive and backward-looking “Maybe it’s a stupid comparison, but it’s like ... More

The social effect of Network Infrastructure

The collaborative effect of technology developments is highlighted as a complementary form of the liberal principles of modern capitalism. The question if how the IT could revolutionize the economy offering new possibilities to ... More

Evidence that U.K. benefits from European Union

A report commissioned by the U.K government showed against given conceptions that the Union is beneficial for U.K. economy and big firms. The article points down three reasons focusing on the scale, common standards and the ... More

Globalisation on steady cruising speed

As the writer indicates financial crisis has not reversed the trend towards integration of the global economy. FDI and Trade have risen substantially the last twenty years and contributed to the great convergence between the ... More

“Do not give up on politics. Participate!”

Commenting on the paradoxes and the virtues of democracy the former President of Brazil describes how a youth that has benefited from growth and reform is claiming more rights. He sees normal to equate to these rights the new ... More

Οutdated model for emerging countries

Weaknesses in the emerging economies are structural argues the writer. The export growth model that followed the Washington consensus after the financial crisis of 1977-8 has to be reconsidered. A more balanced structure ... More