“Do not give up on politics. Participate!”

Commenting on the paradoxes and the virtues of democracy the former President of Brazil describes how a youth that has benefited from growth and reform is claiming more rights. He sees normal to equate to these rights the new ... More

Mega-cities as scenery of global inequality

As uprisings in Sao Paolo and Istanbul showed people seem more willing than ever to claim their rights in sharing the surrounding wealth and in participating in decisions that do exclude them from that. This kind of reactions, ... More

Uneven riches and poor infrastructure bring millions in the street

Brazilian mass protests against a bus fare increase revealed the discontent of a population that experience the country’s spectacular ascension from afar. The new middle class amounting to 40 million people that benefited ... More

Turkish Despotism clash with Civil Society

Despite the political turn of the bloody protests in Taksim Square in Istanbul , the CHP opposition taking the lead, it seems that the reaction to the huge urban project has more to it than a high profile political clash. The ... More

Peugeot Unions innovate with Business alliance.

Talking business in French big corporations is not an easy task. Especially, when the State comes with a 7bn Euros supporting package. However, the risk of closing all plants in France made the Unions accept a new social ... More

Urban outcasts of a rich metropolis

David Harvey in an interview in Spiegel analyses how the Urban environment in the big cities is planned and constructed in such a way as to exclude the poor. The different projects , Museums, monuments , art fairs, Olympic ... More

The uni-sexual revolution?

How is that in countries that traditionally were defined by their catholic religiosity and their machismo are now so open in Homosexuality and to same sex marriage? To this question the article tries to answer presenting ... More

A social model of subsidized longevity

Masses of retired population are creating an unbearable burden to younger generations. The article proposes a wide range of measures to respond to that situation. ... More

When immigration is recognized as beneficial.

The article is referring to the new immigration legislation now in the Senat. American society numbers 11 million illegal immigrants and the agreement to legalize gradually a great number of them have to do with economic ... More

The democratic experiment in Tunisia

Reviewing the book of the Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki “L'Invention d'une democratie. Les lecons de l'experience tunisienne.” , Isabella Mandraud is referring to the difficulties of the country that initiated the ... More

Methodological individualism or anti-social turn?

The author of “Capitalism With a Human Face” tries to justify Thatcher’s infamous saying that “there is no such thing as society” Certainly society is not a thing but a reality of moral sentiments, values, symbols and ... More

We are all Proletarians now? The fading of the Middle class

Class stratification in the modern society is treated by the Historian Tristram Hunt in terms of the loss of sensibility and the sense of mission. Reporting on a study into social classes coordinated by the BBC and seven ... More