37 Bosniak Leaders sign the Joint Statement condemning Terrorism and violent Extremism

Thirty seven Bosniak leaders agreed on and signed the final version of the Joint Statement condemning terrorism and violent extremism. As they pointed out, this statement is a reflection of their feeling of responsibility ... More

Tolerance depleted societies

In many Islamic countries being Atheist is considered as an offence to society and the others’ faith. It is punished by the law and the author gives the example of an Indonesian outspoken Atheist who was jailed. ... More

Obama’s beautiful cynic realism

Obama is presented in this Spiegel article as an heir to Kissinger’s realpolitik. The Ingenious diplomat and probably one of the most important thinker in foreign policy matters has a legacy that irritate many Americans in ... More

No ethics for remote control killings

The new weapon is used widely by the American in their battle against terrorism. In any military activity risk was always a parameter that limited the authority. In the case of Drones human casualties for the perpetrator being ... More

China’s dream in search of content

The article takes the position that China ‘s role in the world will not be determined by its economic power. Culture and subsequently a mode of life are necessary to move people buying the Chinese products in order to ... More

Results downplay overreaction to terrorism

Beginning with an incisive subtitle that “tragedies often crystallize a country’s political mood” the article first praises Obama’s reaction and follows on to consider the national unity and the “single mindedness” ... More

French Spring and the right-wing radicalization

Activism and street protests was dominated in France by movements of the rightwing parties. Born from the debate about the same sex marriage and the reaction of religious circles and other groups advocating traditional values ... More

Democratic confusion about values better than Hypocrisy

Trapped into a dilemma about a rather trivial issue the author is trying to find if in real life options he can have a behavior pertaining to some transcendental values and therefore fitting in all similar circumstances or ... More

Defending the promises of a virtual television world.

Against critics addressed to reality shows an interview of a media sociologist tries to appease public anxiety about risks encountered by the participants. The right use of the media is in question at the same time that ... More

City ultimately holding back UK-EU divorce

Growing Euroscepticism has been nurtured by the Euro-crisis management and City financiers are rejoicing their independence from the financial mess in Europe. Still the huge European market to which the City plays as broker to ... More