Violence reshaping Turkey’s economic profile

In the aftermath of the serial bombings in Turkey during the last period investors need to assess the country’s trajectory on economic development and political stability. Does Turkey still benefits the blooming economic ... More

China, CEE countries to accelerate win-win cooperation

The fourth summit of leaders from China and Central and Eastern European countries has just concluded in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou. Leaders from China and 16 CEE countries have discussed ways of further enhancing ... More

China-CEE summit sets work plan

The Fourth Summit of China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries was held in Suzhou on Nov 24-25. Premier Li Keqiang and leaders from 16 CEE countries formulated a 5-year blueprint for cooperation in areas such as ... More

G 20 No deal on Syria shows no will to end with terrorism

Terrorism was always associated to power. Either as a counter reaction to state oppression and unbearable exploitation or as a state illegal oppression of popular resistance to state atrocities. Yet Terrorism is pure violence ... More

Kosovo fails in bid to gain UNESCO membership

At Monday's plenary session of the UNESCO General Conference, Kosovo was not admitted to the organization after it failed to win the necessary two-third majority vote. Out of 142 votes, 92 were in favor of Kosovo's UNESCO ... More

China - U.S. at a Greats Powers stand-off on the Western Pacifique

The challenges in western pacific with the U.S. navy and the maritime delimitation’s issues with Japan has shown the determination of China’s politician as to their defense of territorial sovereignty and national ... More

Obama’s chance for great politics in U.S.-China’s Summit

The unofficial meeting of the two presidents is presented as a chance to shape relations in the coming era between the two superpowers and global politics as well. Defining the basic principles of their cooperation is ... More

How U.S. new energy production affects China-Middle East relations

The article presents the data of energy relations between China and the Middle East. China’s oil imports from the region amounts to 60% of the total and its most important supplier is Saudi Arabia. The second supplier is ... More

Polarizing in the Syrian Chaos

The Syrian conflict is turning to a protracted civil war that innumerable Geneva conferences would not suffice to resolve. The Iranian factor is however more visible as the conflict progresses. The way that regional and ... More

A cold war compromise solution in Syria?

In today’s article in Le Monde Christophe Ayad confirms that the Syrian Regime is taking back the military initiative and establish an axis from Damascus to Latakia in the Mediterranean so to contain the rebels in the North ... More

Qatar’s risk in the Syrian conflict

On of the most comprehensive articles of the Syrian opposition and the role of Qatar. Important elements of the reason of Qatar’s involvement in the Syrian conflict are given that lead to several conclusions. The country ... More

European Dilemmas over military intervention in Syria

Amid condemnation of Chemical weapons by Iran and intelligence reports that deny any chemical attacks by the Syrian Army or a preparation for such, rumors in the Media persist for a more decisive intervention in Syria. The ... More

Beyond cold war consideration

In view of a possible cooperation between U.S. in Syria the writer advocates for a more assertive role and joint effort of the two powers in combating terrorism. The history of their relations in this field is determined still ... More

Italy’s Diplomatic leadership against austerity

After the culmination of the German compulsive financial consolidation in the Cyprus issue most countries and economists recognize that “the current system of bailouts accompanied by austerity dooms the economies to ... More

China privileges Africa as field for its new model of international economic relations

Responding to an article of the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeriaproduced by FT that China’s approach to Africa embodied the “essence of colonialism” China’s director of the Institute of International Relations ... More

Now that the Middle Empire has the power to have feelings beware not to hurt them.

The writers presenting the French Presidents’ visit in China try to explain the favor that Mr. F.Holland is having in contrast to Mr. Cameron and generally British officials. Dalai Lama is in the center of the issue here and ... More

Saudi Arabia back in Lebanon

A valuable chronicle of the Damascus and Beirut relations with Riyadh puts in perspective the new turn of Saudi Arabia’s relations with Lebanon. Civil war in Syria has created a whole new setting of power politics into ... More