Evidence that U.K. benefits from European Union

A report commissioned by the U.K government showed against given conceptions that the Union is beneficial for U.K. economy and big firms. The article points down three reasons focusing on the scale, common standards and the ... More

Οutdated model for emerging countries

Weaknesses in the emerging economies are structural argues the writer. The export growth model that followed the Washington consensus after the financial crisis of 1977-8 has to be reconsidered. A more balanced structure ... More

What does the Egyptian army represent?

The Author ( a well known professor of Middle East studies) gives us an account of the political and sectarian balances of the region. The army intervention follows the spirit of the Arab spring namely more democratization ... More

U.K. Labour not Pro-European for longue

As the continent is following German Austerity and reforms reminiscent of the Thatcher era the labour Party is slowly moving to the left. “To say the continent is going through its own version of Thatcherism might be pushing ... More

European culture needs to be protected

The need to exclude culture from the Transatlantic dialogue on trade is conceived as necessary. The people who would gain from an end to Europe’s cultural regulations are neither Americans in general nor their entertainment ... More

Lessons on Development from Asia to Africa

Commenting on the International Cooperation on African Development fifth meeting held in Tokyo between 1-3 June Joseph Stiglitz argues that the Asian countries model can be of interest in the African continent. Stating recent ... More

Africa’s moment of emancipation-The French connection

In view of Africa’s promising prospects analysts from the Region are challenging the traditional dependencies from the West. Specifically the relation of the 14states, mostly former French colonies, that participate in the ... More

Is there an Asian alternative to liberal capitalism?

Several books are reviewed by the writer on the repeated phenomenon of Empire. However, the book of Pankaj Mishra “From the Ruins of Empire The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia” is the most supportive to its arguments. ... More

Is Merkel paradigm an upgraded Thatcherism?

Recent articles in British and International press try to account for Thatcher legacy for the U.K. and the World. Policies that combine pro-globalization measures as that the boosted the City in the early 80ies and of National ... More

Egypt to IMF purgatorium

The country is sick says the Le Monde’s editorial. President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood do not have any economic or social program that can go further than the social solidarity networks extremely helpful at the level ... More

China’s successful outreach in the Black Continent

The author president of the China Institute of International Studies defends the position that China’s model of investment in Africa is mutually beneficial and distances itself from any colonial traits. He explains how in at ... More

Sharing costs of Bank insolvency by saving’s haircuts

The FT editorial backs the principle of making depositors responsible for their banks mismanagement. He suggests that "Cyprus marks a new commitment by the eurozone to make bank investors, not taxpayers, bear the burden of future ... More

Funny Eurozone Banking or how to push savings out

A satirical text by Robert Shrimsley presents the way financial services in the Eurozone are facing their main adversary namely lack of trust on intentions and serious faultiness on decision ... More