Gul moderation to ease Erdogan’s despotism. Is power sharing possible in Turkish politics ?

The writer is questioning the alternative to Erdogan’s power. He argues that a possible exit of the PM could mark a significant drawback to the Turkish effort during the last decade that managed to bring the country to the ... More


The article refers to the South Korean President Park Geun-hye in Washington. Her speeches in different fora irritated the Japanese because she criticized the nationalistic turn of the Japanese PM. Insisting on the need for ... More

Chinese perception of Japan as a hostile country prevails.

It could appear as a renewal of a historic rivalry. Japan took once more the initiative to show firmness in the Diaoyu Islands dispute and the changing of the regime in both countries did not seem to have changed anything. ... More

A German –British controversy bring bad memories back from the European history.

Commenting on Lord Lawson intervention in which he argues that “the regulatory costs of the single market for the British economy exceed the economic costs of an exit” W. Munchau discusses the possibility of a British ... More

Japan’s new assertiveness

Combining a reinvigorating patriotism with a strong sense of global opening Japan is back. After years of economic stagnation and last year’s tsunami accentuated by the China’s claims over territorial disputes the new PM ... More

Failed states or break up countries

As all societies that participated to the Arab uprisings solutions in political, sectarian or social issues are far of being resolved. In the case of Yemen the problem between the North and the South is still the main axis ... More

Cermany’s critic from within

A critical stance of Cermany’s policies in the Euro crisis is reluctantly been articulated by journalists and other commentators since the majority of the political scene is generally supportive of A.Mekel choices. Rightly ... More

Powerless poor Algeria with a loaded Treasury

A country rich in natural resources and 200billion dollars reserves stays in retreat to the regional scene in a time that the Arab rebellions are shaking the whole region. Backward structures in the Banking system and the ... More

Asserting a so called Russian soft power

Dwelling on Russia’s new foreign-policy doctrine Ariel Cohen underlines the way that the new Putin doctrine tries to reaffirm power in the near abroad through C.I.S. and to establish a more stable and politically and ... More

Undermining European’s trust

Who’s next wonders Mr. GUY VERHOFTSTADT the former PM in Belgium after what had happened in Cyprus. Depositors guarantee law should never have put into doubt. He emphases on the fact that the existing interest rates are too ... More

The Promising development bank announced by Brics. Is it too early or too late?

Andrew England is reporting from Dunbar for the emergent countries decision to create a development bank that could challenge the Bretton Woods institutions. The bank could face the 4.5tn infrastructure needs estimated for the ... More

Corrupted Business model or Old-fashioned State domination struggle

Christopher Pissarides article on the Cyprus forced economic melt down show that solidarity is not a euro area reality any more. The author is supporting the entrepreneurial model of the Island in business and financial services ... More