The social effect of Network Infrastructure

The collaborative effect of technology developments is highlighted as a complementary form of the liberal principles of modern capitalism. The question if how the IT could revolutionize the economy offering new possibilities to ... More

Globalisation on steady cruising speed

As the writer indicates financial crisis has not reversed the trend towards integration of the global economy. FDI and Trade have risen substantially the last twenty years and contributed to the great convergence between the ... More

Google as a symbol of our civilization

Not simply riding the information revolution but configuring its core significance and functioning Google seems to enter every worthwhile technological activity of our era. From artificial intelligence where it holds the ... More

China to establish new cooperation structures with Latin America

The trip of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Latin America shows that beyond the specific interest on raw materials China is applying a new model of cooperation focusing on mutual interest and infrastructure projects funded by ... More

For how long will Germany be important to China?

Growing economic interdependence between China and Germany was confirmed during the visit of the Chinese premier Li Keqiang to Germany’s Merkel. While the trade balance is favorable to China the volume is considerable. Germany ... More

Unfair competition and state negotiations on Chinese Solar Panel trade

Dumping on prices and state subventions from the Chinese state is the accusation of the western powers in the case of the Solar panel trade. Many American and European solar panel manufacturers had gone bankrupt due to the ... More

Turkish Ottoman vision through Arabs Investments.

Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and generally Gulf states give Turkey the opportunity to create a vast economic network of economic ties and interests throughout the major Middle East region. The Ottoman ambition of ... More

Risks over Asian rapid credit growth

Observing the strong inflows of Capital into Asia the article is focusing in the risk of a new bubble. The relation of Asian economies and the policies adopted by Japan is made in particular the consequences of Abenomics that ... More

The broken bond or how to undermine North Korea dictatorship

The writer an exiled ex-officer of the regime informs of the real North Korea and pledges that the best way to change the regime is to empower its citizen through market relations and communication. The regime is described as ... More

Terrorists’ communications Networks keep them close and potentially operative

A surprisingly evocative tweet conference of Al-Qaida members was published in the Blog section of Le Monde. Of special interest is the emotional character of this anti-western brotherhood in arms war extended now in the ... More

Boston Bombs Target points to motivation

Investigation for the Boston tragic events need a methodic calm and competent approach suggests the FT editorial. History shows that one should not overreact in terrorism even though the fact that the blast took place in one ... More

Austerity and Single currency depreciation

Commenting on the IMF report on Currency reserves the Spiegel editorial refers to the 90billion Euros drain from 1911. Excessive Sovereign debt is presented as the cause of the Euro crisis and its depreciation to the Dollar and ... More