Establishment of Western Balkans Fund

Based on the model of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF), and in the framework of the Annual Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Visegrad countries and of Western Balkans countries, an Agreement on Establishment of ... More

Brdo-Brijuni Process summit: Regional leaders urge common solutions to fight extremism, terrorism

The leaders of the Brdo-Brijuni Process urged common solutions to fight the root causes of extremism and terrorism in a joint statement adopted at a summit in Zagreb. They agreed to conduct regular dialogue at the operational ... More

PABSEC countries reaffirm commitment to fight terror, Islamic State militants

In a declaration adopted in Bucharest on Friday, the member states of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation (PABSEC) condemn international acts of terror and all their manifestations and ... More

German fear for European integration ultimately suicidal

Commenting on the hearing of the German Constitutional Court on the legality of the ECB policies to save the Euro and particularly of the OMT program the author warns its countrymen about the risks of their anti-European ... More

Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

A takeover deal between Agrokor Croatia’s bigger food and retailer group and Mercator Slovenia’s bigger employer in the same market influences all the area. Since these companies are present in almost all of the old ... More

Japan gaining back strategic initiative in Asia

A proposition for dealing with the territorial issues in Asia in which Japan is taking a leading role shows the impact of Shinzo Abe policies. By taking bold initiatives in economic matters and national issues the Japan PM ... More

The end of secular politics in the Middle East

The article castigates British foreign policy in Iraq and Syria. As his subtitle indicates Simon Jenkins believes that the west by destroying secular politics in the Middle East has “unleashed the Shia/Sunni conflict” that ... More

No E.U. treaty revision for the pressing Banking Union

The article traces the necessary steps that a Banking Union in Europe should take- Single supervisor, single resolution authority to wind down troubled banks, and a single deposit-insurance system. The first was agreed in ... More

City and the Banking Union

German FM made a decisive step in Dublin during the weekend towards the establishment of a Banking Union. He insisted on the necessity of the EU treaties revision in order to create a single authority to wind up banks. The ... More

Politics in Europe resist in Banking Union perspective

Citing Cr. Lagarde intervention ahead of the IMF spring meeting the Editorial refers to the three-speed running of the Global economy in which the Eurozone stays in big trouble. While emerging economies are casting a steady ... More

Eurobonds against a multispeed Eurozone

What annoys G.Sorros most is that the country that holds the future of the Eurozone lacks courage and imagination combined by a total incapacity to dwell on global financial dynamics. Cermany’s stance is probably due to ... More