Fosun’s investigation-Virtues and vices of China’s anti-corruption campaign.

An assessment of the three year anti-corruption campaign launched by President Xi is yet premature. The policy was criticized at the beginning as representing a way for the new ruler to clear figures and centers of contending ... More

Terms of EU-Turkey migrant crisis deal (EU-Turkey statement)

A deal between the EU and Turkey agreed in Brussels on Sunday offers cash and political concessions to Ankara in return for its help on the migration crisis. Here are the key points of the deal from the conclusions of the ... More

Tax avoidance of global players would not assure long term gains.

Other than the cases of big American ITC companies accused of tax avoidance in Europe a comparable case has been criticized in the U.S. with the merger of two pharmaceutical companies. The announcement of Pfizer $160bn merger ... More

Regulation on trading frauds causes

In an article by Gregory Meyer and Lindsay Whipp at FT the conviction for spoofing in the Futures market is extensively referenced and the comparison with the libor scandal is made in terms that show how the state is beginning to ... More

Beyond austerity and Stimulus

The Keynesian Professor advocates that changes in the economy are more important than the polarized dialogue over austerity. The question of “what kind of post-recovery economy do we want?” has to be answered and this is ... More

U.K. banking restructuring to prevent new global financial crisis

Reshuffling in the top banking institutions and a serious production of reports and recommendations from the banking regulatory Boards show the tenacious effort of British authorities to cope with a banking system that still ... More

Economy too important to be left to economists.

Referring to the ongoing debate within the economist community about austerity the article is favoring a more political stance based in real consequences of the adopted policies in E.U. and the U.S. Accusing that “During the ... More

Austerity falsified by US indicators

The reaction to the Reinhart and Rogoff argument that supports Austerity policies in the US and Europe was contradicted by the authors of equal standing based inter alia in the US indicators during the peak of the recent ... More

Tax heavens in the spotlight. Singapore starts regulating

The Monetary Authority of Singapore proposed to tighten the exemption regime for hedge funds. Funds with more than 250 millions of assets under management will have to apply for a license. The Authors claim that this is a minor ... More

Utopian decoupling for Cyprus rescue

The ever resourceful Megan Greene tries its pen in an effort to offer a solution to Cyprus deadlock. The austerity methodology is proven a spiral to an inevitable default so the only theoretically sustainable way through would ... More