European Commission members in defense of Uber and AirBNB as Sharing Economy companies

Two European commissioners on Wednesday came to the defense of Uber and other “sharing economy” companies, casting their foes as counterproductive and backward-looking “Maybe it’s a stupid comparison, but it’s like ... More

The Chinese paradox of social individualism

The Editors refer to the “new vision of China’s social construction”. The illusion of creating happiness by an inclusive social welfare is juxtaposed to the failures of the European welfare. Individual entrepreneurial ... More

Privatization as an odd obsession

Why does the Royal Mail a public service institution that its profits amount to 403millions pounds a year has to be privatized? Michael Burke shows that by simple calculation based on its profits the real price should be 16 ... More

Great gap in self perceptions in Europe.

The way Europeans perceive the others and particularly the way they react to German exceptionalism shows the cultural distance that separates people opinions in the E.U. Greeks think Germans as the least trustworthy while ... More

A theory against the Euro that can preserve peace in Europe.

analyses how the mere existence of the Euro creates so much conflict between Germany and France. In his view each country in its right advocates the policies that considers beneficial for its economy. There is no common ... More

Managing some damaging consequences of our digital commons

The way Internet and the work of the search engines determine important parts of our lives and in particular our reputation emerges as an imperative issue. Erasing our past in the way some Media wanted to describe our actions in ... More

How to fill the void of the National Idea

The writer Pankaj Mishra gives the picture of modern India through the V.S. Naipul’s Illusion described in his influential book about India “ India : A Million Mutinies Now” published more than twenty years from the recent ... More