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New prices of cigarettes as of 1 January 2014

New prices of cigarettes will be effective in Bosnia and Herzegovina as of 2014.

Manufacturers and distributors of cigarettes were required by 30 November 2013 to deliver to the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA BIH) new retail prices of cigarettes, which will be effective from the beginning of 2014, as determined in accordance with the Decision on establishing specific minimum excise duty on cigarettes for 2014, adopted in October this year by the Governing Board of the Indirect Taxation Authority.

The Decision on establishing specific minimum excise duty on cigarettes for 2014 defines the cigarette excise tax as of first 1 January 2014: a proportional excise duty at the rate of 42 percent of the retail price of cigarettes and a special excise tax in the amount of 45 KM per 1,000 units, or 0.90 KM for a packaging of 20 pieces.

If the total excise tax on cigarettes (proportional + special), calculated according to the above rates, is less than the minimum excise tax, then the minimum excise tax is paid in the amount of KM 2.09 per pack of cigarettes containing 20 pieces.

The decision represents a continuation of the harmonization of excise policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the policy of excise duties on cigarettes in the European Union, stated ITA BiH.


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