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Company "Viridijan" intends to start construction of first big sea aquarium in caves beneath Tašmajdan park

Company for underwater research "Viridijan" announced that, in month or two, it could start construction of the first sea aquarium in Belgrade in the underground caves beneath Tašmajdan park.

Representing the project for construction of 50 underground aquariums with about 1,000 cubic meters of water, the manager of company "Viridijan" Zoran Lilić said that it would be one of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe.

- We will revive the dream about return of Panonian Sea to Belgrade. The project will be more than just exhibit space. Over 900 sea creatures will be placed in the natural milieu of the cave - said Lilić.

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services of Serbia and Assembly of City of Belgrade have backed the project on which company "Viridijan" works for nine years.

Construction of aquarium will cost over 100 million CSD, although the exact amount is still business secret of "Viridijan". According to the words of Lilić, the projects lacks only building permit, which should be issued to company "Viridijan" very soon.


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