Tax avoidance of global players would not assure long term gains.

Other than the cases of big American ITC companies accused of tax avoidance in Europe a comparable case has been criticized in the U.S. with the merger of two pharmaceutical companies. The announcement of Pfizer $160bn merger ... 

Societal risk recognised as associated to Political risk

In a recent FT article of Alyson Warhurst with the title "Respect risk and reap the benefits" the author focuses in the societal origins of political risks as this site so explicitly puts regularly to the front. As referred by ...

G 20 No deal on Syria shows no will to end with terrorism

Terrorism was always associated to power. Either as a counter reaction to state oppression and unbearable exploitation or as a state illegal oppression of popular resistance to state atrocities. Yet Terrorism is pure violence ...

ATP blacklists 28 companies for links to cluster bombs, mines

Denmark’s DKK700bn (€66.6bn) labour-market supplementary pension fund ATP has added seven stocks to the list of companies it will not invest in on social responsibility grounds, with most of the newly blacklisted firms ...

Euro-Terror virus infects Greek Online Opinion

Greek online opinion strongly condemned the deadly Paris terror attacks expressing sentiments of fear and anxiety. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) declared war in Europe forcing European leaders to take actions against ...

Fiduciary duty considerations compatible with ESG criteria

The article of Robert Kropp at the SocialFunds Portal refers to this late development in investment policies’ legal criteria untying the hands of operators applying ESG principles. The author notices that in 2008, an ... More

PwC Young Workers Index rates success of countries in developing younger people

Latest report from PwC economists compares participation in employment, education and training of younger people across 34 OECD countries and finds that: •Switzerland and Germany top the table of most successful countries in ... More

Presentation of the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 at the European Level

QualityNet Foundation as the non-for-profit organization responsible for the implementation of the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 has launched the official presentation of the Initiative at the European level with an active ... More

Hellinikon Mega Project is endorsed by neighboring Municipalities

The project for the development of the ancient Athens airport included in the privatization assets that the government was committed to accept is back on track. Following bureaucratic delays and political conflicts the ancient ... More

The 4th Annual United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights

Date: 16-18 November 2015 Location: Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights is a space for representatives and practitioners from civil society, business, government, ... More

International Corporate Governance Network to draft global code

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) is drafting a global stewardship code building on similar initiatives in Japan and the UK. Outlining its policy goals for 2015-16, the body representing $26trn (€23.5trn) ... More

World’s largest pension fund joins the PRI

The PRI is delighted to welcome Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) as a signatory to the six Principles for Responsible Investment. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the move in a speech at the UN ... More

FRAPORT Weighs its forces on the 14 Greek airports Investment deal.

Germany's Fraport is expected to sign a deal by the end of the year to a 40 year lease of 14 Greek regional airports. The offer for the lease of the airports -- one of the biggest Greek privatisations since the start of the debt ... More

Kosovo fails in bid to gain UNESCO membership

At Monday's plenary session of the UNESCO General Conference, Kosovo was not admitted to the organization after it failed to win the necessary two-third majority vote. Out of 142 votes, 92 were in favor of Kosovo's UNESCO ... More

EBRD’s new strategy for Turkey sets out investment priorities

EBRD’s new strategy for Turkey sets out investment priorities By Olga Rosca@olgarosca The Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved a new strategy for Turkey ... More